Founded in September 1994, the law firm of Kent McPhail & Associates has established a growing reputation in the southeastern United States as a firm that produces real results in the representation of creditors, who are its primary clients and its primary area of emphasis. Kent McPhail & Associates is headquartered in the historic Eslava Building at 126 Government Street in downtown Mobile, Alabama. The building, which dates back to 1850, offers a distinctive setting for our attorneys and support personnel.

The measure of a legal firm’s success comes down to one thing: results.

  • Does the firm actually meet your particular needs?
  • Does it get the job done the way you envision?
  • Is it truly committed to your long-term success?  

Ask clients of Kent McPhail & Associates and the answer to all of these questions is Yes. With emphasis in the representation of creditors, we are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs. We excel in what we do. And we have performed with the utmost of integrity in servicing our clients. That’s the way we have always practiced law, and the way we shall continue to do so in the future.

The firm utilizes the latest technology and has on-line access to credit reporting bureaus for the purpose of skip tracing. We are on line with national trustee databases and all courts – enabling us to automatically review case statuses. We also have on-line access to credit bureaus, auditors’ offices, taxing authorities, and other public domains to efficiently and effectively gather useful and necessary information.