At Kent McPhail & Associates, we are firmly committed to providing our clients with good old-fashioned personal service. But we also combine this philosophy with a host of new technologies that enable us to provide maximum efficiency and service to our clients. These technologies are also designed to greatly enhance the flow of information between us and our clients.

Reporting options can be adjusted to comply with each client’s level of involvement in the collection and legal processes. Clients also have access to the firm’s electronic mail service to facilitate direct communication with their account representatives. This improves awareness of our efforts and ensures clear communication that is sensitive and responsive to changing client needs.

In addition, our clients often have their own internal recovery systems and need to directly transmit and receive data between their systems and outside organizations. We are equipped to accommodate these requirements and encourage clients to send files to us to reduce the time needed to load new placements and deliver results.

Dedication. Excellence. Integrity. These are the cornerstones around which the firm of Kent McPhail & Associates was founded – and the building blocks which continue to help us grow. These values are what enable us to provide a high degree of professionalism, service and responsiveness to our clients, and why we are an outstanding choice to represent you.